Two of the Summer Academic Scholarships were for programs at the Fernbank Science Center.  Another two were for programs at the Georgia institute of Technology, and one was for the residential program at the University of Georgia at Athens.


 FUN-DAY  6-4-2016

In the year 2017, the Educational Fund will offer 12 scholarships for programs that cover the full grade range from K-12.  This will be accomplished by the addition of the Fernbank Natural History Museum which will fill the K-3 gap in our current set of programs.  This was a recommendation of one of the parents who noted the gap.  It was parental input that caused us to add Georgia Tech to our list of scholarship programs.  We are open to suggestions and feedback so please feel free to help us help our community in this collaborative effort.

The PSCCA-EF held its Awards Ceremony on Saturday June 4th at the beautiful Stonecrest Library.  It was the first  "FUN-DAY" for the Educational Fund.  It was very well attended as parents, notables, and  new and old admirers of our mission joined with the children of all ages in a day of fun at the library.

Interactive video games and delicious refreshments kept the children happy and entertained.

The scholarship winners got to see that their community supports them in their academic quests.  Mrs. Deborah Jackson, the mayor of the City of Lithonia, spoke on the good that the Educational Fund is doing for the Greater Lithonia region.  She encouraged support of such local initiatives to improve the quality of life in our region.  Mr. JW Eady, a founder of the local Neighborhood Watch program and a co-founder of the PSCCA (the Parks of Stonecrest Community Civic Association which gave birth to the PSCCA-Educational Fund) spoke on the importance of providing a safe environment for our youth as part of their educational development.  Retired Art Professor and renown artist Mr. Larry Walker spoke on the need to encourage the artistic talent present in our youth.  He also made suggestions on how to recognize such talent.  Mrs. Philana Swann, the founder of RUTH4Kids, was present and showed her support for the Educational Fund and announced plans for collaboration between the two organizations for the betterment of our community.  Mrs. Joyce Gamble, Coordinator at the Fernbank Science Center was there to be sure that the community is aware of the new electron microscope and multiple other upgrades at the science center as well as the upcoming 50th anniversary of that fine institution.  The Educational Fund is proud work with the Fernbank Science Center because of the similarity of our missions.