This is a day of fun and opportunities for kids and adults.  The focus is on "kids of all ages" who like fun and learning.

For the K-12 kids we have interactive video games and board games and card games.  All participants will receive a framable certificate of participation which counts as a lottery ticket in our college scholarship lottery when graduating from high school.  Game winners receive a summer academic scholarship.  Participants who do not win a game go into a lottery for a few more summer academic scholarships.  The scholarships are paid directly to Georgia Tech, UGA. the Fernbank Science Center or the Fernbank Natural History Museum.

for the "adult age kids" we have door prizes such as an unrestricted set of four tickets to the Georgia Aquarium, and lightly restricted sets of two tickets to the Georgia Aquarium.  We will also have special guests with an interest in water and education.  What does river blindness and toxic water have to do with education here and elsewhere?  Come and find out.

It is all free!

Refrehments will be provided.  All winners will be selected and announced on the event date before 6:00 PM.

Tentative Schedule

3:00-5:00 PM     Interactive video games and card games/board games.  Pizza is main refreshment.

5:00-6:30 PM     Dessert with the "ED Fund" and guests.  Casual interaction with health and education specialists with delicious desserts added to the mix.

The event is free and the registration is free.

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                   FUN, PRIZES, & SCHOLARSHIPS 

                                 IN LITHONIA

OCTOBER 22, 2016