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a day of fun and tribute to our neighbor afc raymond wise

​  with the

                  PSCCA-EF in Lithonia


                                       K-12 Education in Lithonia

From left to right. Dr. Charlene Fobi, Mrs. Althier Eady, Mrs. Bertha Wise (the wife of AFC Raymond Wise), Julian Beckford, MD

Here we see one of the more than five solar telescopes in use on that day.  That scope was one of the sophisticated Hydrogen-Alpha scopes that permitted our participants to see the sun through the narrow ruby red band of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Nothing matches the view through an H-alpha scope. We had seven astronomers to guide us in our viewing of the sun that day.  Residents of all ages thoroughly enjoyed this treat provided by the members of the Atlanta Astronomy Club .  The members of the Charlie Elliot Chapter of the Atlanta Astronomy Club were here in force and gladly guided us through the viewing and answered all of our questions.

Here we see astronomer Kenneth Olson of the Atlanta Astronomy Club explain the workings of the sun and the aspects of the sun  visible through the various types of solar telescopes.

This is Ice Station Alpha where AFC Raymond Wise was stationed during the International Geophysical Year.  His escape from this icy doom is the title of our Fun Day,  "Escape from the North Pole". You can read all about his adventure in the Adventure Stories at this website.

It was a day of Fun and Games and educational opportunities as well as good food and good company as we paid tribute to a neighbor who almost paid the ultimate sacrifice for the advancement of science in the International Geophysical Year.  We saw a documentary of the expedition at Ice Station Alpha and we heard the updating information from meteorologist Sean Fankhauser from the Fernbank Science Center.  The meteorologist fielded a host of detailed questions about weather and climate change.  As one participant said,  "It is not every day that you get to ask a meteorologist detailed and follow-up questions like this."

The summer academic Scholarship Winners

Torey Taylor -----University of Georgia at Athens

Andrew Nyarko ----Georgia Institute of Technology

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